Glass Tile Specifications

Bison Coating and Supply is the manufacturer of our glass tiles.
Results from independent testing met and exceeded ASTM criteria set forth by ANSI standards.
The following test results were provided by the testing lab of the Tile Council of North America.
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Glass Tile Specifications
Press at 400 Degrees F with Medium to Heavy Pressure
These guidelines are based on pressing the tiles from the back - Transfer face up, coated side of tile face down, press into Nomex Felt Pad or Rubber Pad
Available Sizes:
Tile Thickness:
6" x 6" Non-Tempered
12" x 12" Tempered and Non-Tempered
Smooth Glass: 0.25 in, Textured Glass: 3/16 in
Floor and wall tile recommended for residential and commercial floors, walls, countertops and backsplashes. Not for installation in direct sunlight!
Tile Council of America - Product Testing Results
ASTM C1026:
ASTM C1028:

ASTM C373:
ASTM C650:

ASTM C485:

ASTM C499:
ASTM C502:
ASTM C648:
Moh's Scratch Hardness:
Tiles showed no evidence of freeze-thaw damage after completing 15 cycles of freeze-thaw.
Static Coefficient of Friction
Dry = .86
Wet = .52
Water absoption rate of .37% = impervious
Resistance to Chemical Substances:
Not affected by the following: Acetic Acid 3% & 10%; Ammonium Chloride, 100 g/L; Citric Acid Solution, 30 g/L & 100g/L; Lactic Acid, 5%; Phosperic Acid, 10%; Sulfamic Acid, 3% & 10%; Swimming Pool Chemicals = Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 20mg/L; Acids & Bases = Hydrochloric Acid Solution, 3% & 18%; Potassium Hydroxide, 30 g/L & 100 g/L
Warpage of Tile
Edge warpage: -.02%
Diagonal Warpage: 0.00%
Facial dimensions and thickness of tile
Average difference of 0.020 inches
Wedging of Tile
Average percent wedging was 0.03%
Average breaking strength is 1931 lbf
5 (1-talc to 10-diamond)

Download Glass Tile Specifications as a PDF