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HIX CLAMSHELL FH3000-Digital 120 v Digital Manual Flathead Small Format Press
HIX Clamshell Press

Transfers to Almost Any Surface!

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The FH-3000 can be purchased with the flat attachment, the cube attachment, or with both attachments. It features a features a touch-screen controller that is adjustable up to 999 seconds and shows countdown on readout. Then it beeps after the elapsed time, and resets when the open-and-close handle (with full-range pressure adjustment) is raised. The calibrated digital temperature control is adjustable up to 450°F (232°C) and displays the current temperature.

The flat attachment has a maximum area of 3-3/4″ x 6-1/4″ and is great for doing shirt pockets, sleeves, cuffs, collars, bags, aprons, name badges, tiles, gloves, and small application jobs where a full sized machine is more than required or too large to work with. The cube attachment can be used for cube photo displays or any square workable substrate, and it will do a maximum area of 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″. The flat and cube attachments are easily interchangeable.

What makes this press stand out from any regular press is its ability to give great control (and much less aggravation) on small items, odd shapes, and unwieldy goods. Ever try to put a transfer on an umbrella with a 15” x 15” press? It is much easier with this little dynamo.

Some other difficult items the FH-3000 easily tackles include: shirt collars, cuffs and pockets, aprons, tote bags, luggage and golf bag tags, gloves, small tiles, watch faces, and much more. For small imprints on hard to handle or bulky items, this is a dandy little solution!

As an added bonus, the FH-3000 only draws a maximum of 4 amps to maintain temperature. This means less energy and reduced electric bills by about 66% (compared to a standard 15” x15” press).

This hardworking little press is manufactured with the same features, warranty, and craftsmanship as its bigger brothers and sisters. Single-pass milled heat platens provide an ultra flat surface for even heating, while finger-tip heating, timing and pressure controls, and an easy-to-read temperature gauge complete the package.

This specialized press could turn the most difficult projects into the easiest.

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